Care Connections


Care Connections is being implemented across Adelaide via a suite of activities delivered by Adelaide PHN commissioned service providers.

The program is comprised of the following initiatives:

Local Area Coordination Service (LACS)

The LACS form a backbone which will support the implementation of the other elements of the Care Connection Program. In particular, the LACS support the Integrated Care Hubs as they move closer towards a Patient Centred Medical Home model of service delivery.

Integrated Care Hubs (ICH)

The ICHs are the name given to the general practices participating in Care Connections. These practices are based in areas of high chronic condition prevalence and multi-morbidity. The practices are participating in activities designed to move them closer to a patient-centred medical home approach. Click here to view a list of our ICHs.

Practice Leadership Advantage Program

The Practice Leadership Advantage Program equips interested clinicians with enhanced leadership skills to effect and lead meaningful change. The importance of leadership is fundamental in dealing with the opportunities and challenges thrown up by the forces reshaping the nation's primary healthcare business landscape. 

Care First

Care First is a behaviour change program supporting individuals to proactively manage their chronic conditions. A GP Liaison Officer works with GPs and practice staff to identify which patients are eligible for the program. The practice nurses are trained in the Care First program and they work with individual patients to carry out the program.

Enhanced Access

Enhanced access is an opportunity for general practices to further consider how care can be more readily available through systems such as open scheduling, expanded hours and new options for communication between patients, their GP and practice staff.