Health Care Homes


Health Care Homes is a Commonwealth Government funded initiative to improve care for the growing number of Australians with long-term, chronic conditions.

With Adelaide PHN currently being one of the ten regions selected for stage one roll out, this Commonwealth trial now makes up one of the three flagship programs of Adelaide PHN’s Integrated Care Approach.

The Health Care Homes' model is designed to help Australians better manage their conditions by providing access to coordinated, integrated care, tailored to their needs. Patients who have been assessed as eligible and likely to benefit from this type of care can voluntarily enrol with a participating Health Care Home.

A Health Care Home is an existing general practice or Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Service (ACCHS) that coordinates care for patients with chronic & complex conditions.

A Health Care Home develops a shared care plan with the patient, which will be implemented by a team of health care providers. As required, care will be integrated across primary and acute settings and patients (and their carers) will be supported to be active partners in their own care.

Care Connections vs Health Care Homes

Care Connections and Health Care Homes are two distinct programs within the Adelaide PHN’s Integrated Care Approach. Whilst distinct, the two programs are complementary and practices can be both a Care Connection practice and a Health Care Home.